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Montero-Dien Design

Founded by Victor Montero Dien, in 2009 after 17 years of professional career advocating for sustainable development both in public including the University of Costa Rica and a local government and private realm. A clear overarching purpose to make significant positive change in the world. Since 2012 a particular focus on regenerative design solutions is been defining our projects. Using design and consulting as a powerful tool for transformative change, we aim to plant seeds of change. Our specialty is the sustainable design as a baseline and raising the bar as much as possible on every project trough restorative, reconciliatory or regenerative design as the new goal. In that direction we have founding the Costa Rica Living Building Challenge Collaborative (2012), the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Costa Rica Chapter (2015) APRORESET, a national association to support the use of the local green building standard (RESET) and the Costa Rica Natural Design Advisers (CRNDA) in 2016, and Regenerative Built Environment Institute in 2018. In 2019 the company will transform its entire branding and is been known as Montero-Dien Design.

We collaborate with different companies in different parts of the world like McLennan Design, Re:Vision Architecture in USA, EURAC Research in Italy, ABUD in Hungary, Green-Loop in Colombia, Regenvast in Trinidad & Tobago, Melita Koulmandas in Hong Kong and many others. We provide sustainable design and consulting helping to certify buildings under the following rating systems: EDGE, RESET, LEED, LBC and LCC where we had register three of the few projects in Latin America under the most stringent green building standard. Our integrative design process and the use of the workflow based on BIM promote green design solutions for buildings, infrastructure, building and community retrofitting, landscape, living communities and cities in a way to pursuit positive impacts toward communities that are socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative.


Our Manifesto

The Blue Dot Standard

Imagine that Pale Blue Dot from space.

There is just one planet and just one life.

The time is now.

Every step counts just as every second in life counts.

Stepping in the right direction.

Today more than ever.

There is no room to be less bad

Being sustainable is the ethical imperative.

Regenerative is the new highest standard.

Regenerative is therefore the ultimate goal.

and the living future, our challenge.

Both concepts establish our most precious standard:


The Blue Dot Standard

Not green but blue!

We are committed with regenerative planning and design for positive impact and with transformative change, right here right now.