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"…Canopy trees "nursed" the saplings beneath their branches, creating more sheltered, nutritious conditions in a plant-helping-plant process later dubbed facilitation. They shaded seedlings from the drying sun, blocked the winds, and fertilized the soil with their leaves. As time passed, one community of plants prepared the way for another; annual plants built the soil for perennial shrubs, and those shrubs nourished saplings that grew into forests…" This quote from Janine Benyus explains a natural process beautifully that both Victor and Mauricio have experienced, each on their own, and finally, together, they have undergone this process of facilitation, mutual and with various communities of colleagues and experts, including the Costa Rica Natural Design Advisers association, the International Living Future Institute, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat and more recently the Regenesis Institute from where and with whom they have nurtured to be seeds of transformative change and positive impact.

Victor had advocated for sustainability since 1991 when he presented his thesis for a degree in Architecture from the University of Costa Rica. In different functions, both public and private, he has driven transformative change. In 2009 he decided to open his firm, and since 2012 he has been linked to ILFI's Volunteer Representative Network and founded the Living Future Collaborative of Costa Rica since then.

For his part, Mauricio founded his company in the year 2xxx, developing in the field of structural engineering, complementing it in areas such as valuation and project management, until he identifies that sustainability should be the axis from which to articulate all his work.

In 2015, Víctor and Mauricio coincided during training for expert consultants and auditors of the Costa Rican standard RESET, finding a great affinity of thought and searching for transformative change impacts. In 2016, together with other colleagues, they founded the PRO-RESET Association to support the dissemination of said local standard and the Costa Rica Natural Design Advisers (CR-NDA) associative consortium.

In 2018, without abandoning their own companies oriented to particular aspects of the project life cycle, they decided to focus efforts on growing and improving their work from a strictly regenerative perspective and decided to create the Regenerative Built Environment Institute (REGENBE) company. From where they undertake actions to facilitate and collaboratively, aim the development and regenerative design, to the awakening of vitality in people and places, promoting the value-adding process to the planet's health and whole well-being planet.

About Us

Victor Montero-Dien
Founder, CEO

Learn more about Víctor Montero-Dien, CEO of REGENBE, Founder and President of Montero-Dien, and Living Future Collaborative Costa Rica, Co-Founder of CRNDA and CTBUH-CR

Mauricio López Campos
Founder, CFO

Learn more about Mauricio López, COO of REGENBE, Founder and President of Origen Engineering Seismic Resistant. Co- Founder of CRNDA, CTBUH- CR